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So I’m on the train to Blacktown for my Orthodontist appointment, and the train passed Liverpool station and I looked out the window and who do I see, but my own boyfriend droopily sitting on the gutter, so I called him up and told him I see him, so he turned around and tried to look for me in the carriages until he found me and i gave him a face, and his face lightened up and gave me that stupidly cute grin of his whenever he looks at me, and my heart melted when he gave a flying kiss and a wave goodbye as the train slowly left the station, and even though that moment was only a few seconds, seeing his face made my world stop stop spinning and fall off it’s axis, and now I’m just stuck here inside the carriage, my hand against the window trying to catch his kiss, and wishing I was nowhere except in his arms right now.

I wish I never looked out that carriage window.